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Foto: Linus
Tomas Mattsson
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Tomas Mattsson
Online 13:43 29/09 2006  Modifierad 11:10 18/08 2010

Allmänt  En kort dikt om livet som missbrukare... Om Han som kom in och förändrade allt..

"My way in life"
I was trying to find my way in life,
swam thru drugs and wine.
I walked thru fire,
climbed mountains and fell right down again.
I didn’t believe in anyone but me,
thought that love was just another word.
So decided to end my misery with drama and blood.
To show the world the pain it gave me.
To show the world the pain it gave me.

But then something happened that changed my life forever.
A man died on a cross for you and me.
In pain and agony he set us free
So now I walk upright thru life
When storms and darkness surround me I rest in his arms.
When storms and darkness surround me I rest in his arms

For now I know that he is my God.
At the end of the road he’s standing, waiting for us.
With arms opened wide reaching out for his children.
Longing to be a part of our life.
Now I can see the light.
Now I can see the light.


16:50 29.9.2006

Nice Mattsson!!!

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